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Yup, the same little guys that made the kitchy-kitchen armadillos or hedgehogs or whatever the hell they were sprout green fluff. Those tiny black specks are called Chia seeds, and they add crunch, calcium, protein and valuable Omega-3’s to any dish. When soaked in liquid (like almond milk or even filtered water), they form a jelly-like texture that is super delicious and puddingish. Store seeds in the fridge or freezer (all nuts and seeds do better this way– their super-powered oils go rancid quickly when left at room temperature,) and sprinkle them liberally.


Here are some ideas for incorporating them into your meals!

1) Simple Chia Pudding: Combine 2 tbsps chia seeds, 1-2 tbsps of sweetener, and 1.5 cups of filtered water, almond milk, coconut milk, yogurt, or any other creamy/water liquid you’d like. Shake all ingredients together in a jar, and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight, and then serve with toppings! Blackberries and almond slivers, coconut and banana, pistachio and extra honey…. yum. Keeps well in fridge for a few days, so make a big batch for grab-n-go meals in pint jars. Here are some fun variations:

2) Chia Smoothie: similar in concept to Chia Pudding, pre-soak chia seeds in water, almond milk or coconut water and add them to any smoothie recipe, and blend till smooth. Adds a wallop of extra fiber, protein and Omega-3s to any green smoothie, and the viscous texture makes it super filling.

3) Chia Topping on Salads: sprinkle on-top or mix into dressing! Try this delicious greek-yogurt chia dressing for a refreshing morning parfait.

4) Chia Jam: check out our recipe for Black-pepper and Fig Chia Jam– beautiful on an appetizer tray or spread onto sandwiches.

5) Chia Baked Goods: Chia seeds (soaked in water) are often used as an egg replacement in vegan baking. Here’s a how-to from Food Renegade.

Buy them at any health food store, or on Amazon in bulk.

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