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Homemade Greeting Cards


Homemade Greeting Cards


Birthdays, engagements, and holidays, oh my! I sometimes feel that life’s endless milestones call for an equally endless supply of greeting cards – those little written tokens that express our love, appreciation, and support. Making homemade greeting cards is an excellent way to cut costs at the drugstore or stationary while utilizing materials you already have at home. And in our digital age, anything handcrafted carries an extra sense of attention and care. Moreover, they’re fun, fast, and virtually fail-proof. So grab your glue stick and start crafting!



  • Pencil
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorative tape (optional)
  • Unused envelopes and good heavy paper to make cards, or store-bought blank cards with envelopes
  • Scrap paper – think leftover scrapbooking materials, wrapping paper, or pretty pages from magazines


  1. You can make or buy the cards and envelopes. If you have lonely unmatched envelopes at home and nice quality paper, you can cut cards to size and match them to the extra envelopes. Works like a charm! I’ve also bought packs of blank cards and envelopes in bulk at the craft store – Michael’s sells packs of 50 for $9.99. (Twenty cents per card!)
  2. For a basic start, cut strips of scrap paper using your ruler, pencil and scissors. The width can be uniform or varied.
  3. Arrange them vertically or horizontally on front of the card. Cut to size and glue them down.
  4. Create a banner to put on the center by cutting a piece of white or off-white paper to your desired size. Cut the ends in a v-shape. Using a good pen or marker, write your message on the banner. Glue to the center. Voila!


  1. I had leftover ribbon tape from a scrap-booking project. It makes a very useful and festive border!
  2. After I made a few striped cards, I had many square-shaped scraps leftover from cutting the paper strips down to size. I wrote one letter per square, glued them to a blank card, added a border, and had a lovely “thank you” card ready to go. may_thank_you_card
  3. To create a happy birthday card, cut a paper square to size and glue it at an angle on the front of the card. (Angling is often more visually interesting than gluing it straight on.) Using strips of scrap paper or ribbon tape, give your present a ribbon and bow. Create a small gift tag that says “Happy Birthday” and poke a small hole in the end with a needle. String a short piece of thread through the hole. Glue the tag down to the center of the present and tuck the string under the ribbon.  Happy crafting!may_birthday_card


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